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Bienvenid@s a las Escuelas Infantiles Happy Way

An education that provides children with the appropriate motivation during their first years of life is crucial for their future. At Happy Way Nursery Schools we have created a programme by our team of teachers and educational psychologists and endorsed by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government), which stimulates the multiple intelligences of each child right from the start. Through play, experimentation, music and sport, our qualified teachers work on developing the emotional, intellectual and psychomotor skills of each child. The programme is complemented by the teaching of positive personal habits to develop their self-perception, their safety, their self-esteem and their empathy. This enables them to complete the first stage of Pre-school education with above average knowledge and skills in an environment that exceeds safety standards and which provides thoughtfully decorated surroundings.
Todo en un entorno que supera los estándares de seguridad y que mima los detalles decorativos.

The 5 Happy Way keys

If you are going through the difficult process of choosing a nursery school for your child, we provide you with a list of 5 aspects that make us stand out and that may help you with the decision making process:

The 5 Happy Way keys

Education Programme

At Happy Way, we have created a unique and advanced education programme endorsed by the Generalitat de Catalunya that will stimulate each child’s multiple intelligences right from the start.

Education programme

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To guarantee the physical and emotional health of all children, at Happy Way we follow the recommendations of the health authorities and reference experts in order to incorporate, in our schools, all the security measures, prevention and established protocols:

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Happy Way Services

Extended timetables, continuous pediatric care, nutrition panel, professional guidance, web camera system, after-school activities...

Todos los servicios

Commitment to childhood

A fairer society is everyone’s responsibility. At Happy Way we are committed to children’s rights.

Happy Way e-classroom

Online school diary which enables parents to follow all the activities scheduled for the week.

Access to the E-aula
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