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When choosing a daycare for our children, we are invaded by countless doubts: what is best for the child, what best suits the needs of the family, what aspects should be prioritized, etc. At Happy Way Nursery Schools we have developed a unique and advanced educational project that prepares your children for the future in an environment of trust, well-being and security while we support parents to facilitate their daily life and work-life balance. and familiar.

An education that adequately encourages children in their first years of life is decisive for their future. At Happy Way Nursery Schools we have created a unique and advanced children's educational project developed by our team of pedagogues and educational psychologists and endorsed by the Generalitat of Catalonia, which stimulates multiple intelligences from the first moment. Through play, experimentation, music and sports, its qualified educators work on the emotional, intellectual and psychomotor capacities of each child.

The project is complemented by the teaching of positive personal habits to develop their perception of themselves, their security, their self-esteem and their empathy. This allows them to finish the first cycle of Early Childhood Education with knowledge and skills above average.

All in an environment that exceeds safety standards and that pampers decorative details.

The 5 Happy Way keys

There are many factors to consider when choosing a daycare that fits the needs of the entire family. Here you have a summary with 5 of the aspects that differentiate us and that can help you in the complicated process of choosing one.

The 5 keys to choosing Happy Way

Headmaster´s letter

At Happy Way we have created a unique and advanced educational project endorsed by the Generalitat of Catalonia, which stimulates the multiple intelligences of each child from the first moment.

Headmaster´s letter

Happy Way Values

Happy Way Nursery Schools was born from the desire to create a nursery school that would share with families the care and education of their children while providing parents with the necessary support and accompaniment to make their lives as parents easier.

Our Values

Families give their opinion

There are many families who throughout these years have trusted Happy Way Nursery Schools and have shared their children's first years with us. Here you can find some of the opinions that they have wanted to leave us as testimony of their passage.

Families give their opinion

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