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Astronomy Project

Some subjects are not usually associated with children's education, but experience has shown us that children have an incredible capacity to learn in the first years of their lives. At Happy Way we have developed our own astronomy project to stimulate children's interest and curiosity about science. Thanks to Roomy the astronaut, boys and girls will set out on a voyage to discover the universe. He will show the children of P1 and P2 how to observe the universe and recognise the most important elements in it, such as the Sun, clouds, the Moon and the stars. Roomy will drop in once a week to explain new adventures with the elements that they are going to learn about. He will accompany them in a wide range of activities so that they will experience and enjoy astronomy in a special way.

Our project work is based on a constructive approach to learning in which the teachers' intervention is intended to encourage children's meaningful learning through intention and reflection. The main objective that we are aiming at with this project is to discover and learn about some parts of the universe and their most important features. We take the most outstanding features of each of these elements and prepare a range of activities around them that will help us to expand the knowledge that the children have of this subject and their vocabulary related with astronomy. Every year, we finish this learning experience with a school trip to visit the Planetarium.

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