Christmas: the magic of values

The celebration of Christmas is approaching and the little ones and, let's not fool ourselves, the older ones are also looking forward to these days. Recovering a little innocence, reunions and excitement are some of the emotions that will accompany us. Our children, with their great curiosity and learning capacity, will be participants in these moments, a precious opportunity to start or delve into such vital values ​​as love, respect, generosity and empathy.
Preparing the tree, the nativity scene or the Tió are moments in which the little ones get involved and enjoy the process as a family, building great bonds. It is a great opportunity to strengthen family ties, creating solid and secure bonds with our loved ones. Sharing such special moments with family and friends strengthens, in our children, the feeling of belonging that is so important to them.

As they grow, they participate in Christmas in a different way depending on their level of maturity:

  • around 12 months They tend to observe the movements more, the decorations, the Christmas balls, the tree lit with its magical lights catch their attention and they begin to arouse great interest.
  • Around 24 months, they are already acquiring more language and their vocabulary is better relating to these holidays.
  • at about 36 months, they are more aware of their surroundings and their imagination becomes sharper. The excitement arises and they begin to have more and more questions and to understand how special and magical these dates are.

They will go through different emotions: they will feel excited when they see lights, fantasy decorations and the surprise factor, so motivating for the little ones, will make them pay attention to what is going to happen and the gifts they will receive.

Christmas brings us love and allows us to transmit values ​​in a very special way. Our children, unconsciously, begin to perceive it, they observe how we share with other people, how we prepare gifts and meals with love and enthusiasm and, above all, the family union that is experienced. All these positive emotions are contagious and makes them develop interest in these dates and a great desire to be participants.
The best gift? Whatever the plan is for these days, let's live them as a family, quality time with our little ones sharing unique moments. And, for the list of the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus, Here you have our guide to toys from 0 to 3 years.

Small reminder: these days routines and schedules may be altered. We must be flexible, it is part of the moment and it is natural for it to happen. Once again, let's be patient, stay calm and help them by anticipating what is coming each day.

Finally: Enjoy it, live it, share it! Christmas is a magical time that passes in a flash. Let's celebrate. Let's be a little less adults and let's catch that look that children have..
The entire Happy Way team wishes you a very happy and magical Christmas!

PS: We invite you to take many photos to create a beautiful album of great memories that will allow you to recover a little of that Christmas magic throughout the year to come.

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