Happy Way Nursery Schools: "Best Preschool Education Centre" Award

Comments from our families

Puig González family

“At Happy Way our son has had experiences that have made him very happy. He has been surrounded by love in an atmosphere that has given him confidence and a beautiful energy. The educational project is comprehensive and balanced but, above all, the whole team strives to give the best to the children. We will always be grateful for the dedication and details received and for having felt so supported in the development of our child with attention and effort. It is very peaceful to look back and be so pleased with the decision we made for this stage of our child's life!”

Anna Canals

“We found an ideal place for our son in Happy Way. For us they have been like part of our son's family. The school is welcoming and very friendly, and takes great care of the little ones and their needs. Max's tutor took full care of him from day one, and has made our son very happy in these two years”.

Anaís Garrell

“We are deeply grateful for the work realised by the teachers. We could not be happier with our choice. Installations are wonderful but what is lot more important, teachers ara not just highly qualified but vocational. Our daughter goes to school so happy and she is developing her capabalilites really quickly thanks to her teachers (the tutor and the english teacher). Thanks to the school director for her dedication and a special thanks to the tutor. We hope we can keep enjoying them much more time”.

Abelló Family

“We are delighted with Happy Way. I cannot count the number of good things in your school: the facilities, the educational project, English, webcam, e-newspaper, training initiative for the parents, your own kitchen, classes during the holidays… Above all, however, we are especially grateful for these two years of shared experiences with the whole team. Affection, enthusiasm, happiness, confidence, reliability… These are the feelings you have inspired in us over these two years, but the most important of all is how happy our son has been with you. You are all wonderful for your commitment, professional attitude and dedication. Undoubtedly, Happy Way (and its whole staff) was the best choice we could have made for our son. Heartfelt thanks”.

Carmen Fradera

“My son Alberto completed the first cycle of infant education at Happy Way. He was a baby when he started there, and now he's a boy with a good foundation for the next stage. He made his first friends in Happy Way and made his first drawings there... I'm sad to be leaving, but contented because I see that he is ready to continue growing up. Happy Way helped us to follow his development as a person, how each type of intelligence (emotional, logical, mathematical, etc.) was being fostered. I can't thank them enough for how they have looked after my son during this time. Many thanks to everyone in the school's educational community, and especially to all those who have worked personally with Alberto.”

Vanessa Galbe

“We would like to thank you for your work, the dedication and attention, along with the affection and enthusiasm you showed every day in this stage which is so important for children. Your work in the three years that Martina has spent in the school has been magnificent and impeccable. We will always have fond memories of you”.

Garza Tamez family

“When we visited Happy Way we were delighted, we loved the facilities, the staff and the friendly atmosphere we noted from day one. We always felt at home there, and we were sure they would look after our daughter well. We love the fact that Happy Way is constantly innovating and looking for ways to get better. We are very grateful for the way they have treated us, the calm, caring attitude and confidence they have shown us in these 2 years. We have always had the sensation that our daughter felt perfectly at home here, with the care, dedication and attention that they gave her. We are happy to belong to a centre with such a pleasant atmosphere, where they are always happy to see us. We are absolutely sure that we made the right decision for the education and care of our daughter”.

Barutell Llaudó family

“We would like to thank the Happy Way school for the two years our son Josep has spent there. The school has been a second home for him, where he has grown and learned in their groups and workshops. We would emphasise the professional attitude of the whole staff of the nursery, and especially the love and trust they have inspired in us from the very first day. We would like to give our most sincere thanks to his teacher Ana (our son's tutor during these two years) for her enthusiasm, dedication and the love she has shown him every day. We would most sincerely like to thank you for offering the chance to share so many moments, parties and special days with you. Thank you for having your doors always open for us! Thank you very much".

Yana Travers family

“We have put our daughter in Happy Way for P2 and have enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The school is run very professionally and we know our little girl is in good hands. Not only can you watch the children via webcam whenever you want but you can also follow their daily fun and educational activities via photos the teachers take. The daily English classes are wonderful whilst our daughter also receives a good education in Catalan and Spanish. The outside garden area is great for kids as it gives them lots of space to run and be close to nature. To be honest, the only downside of this school is that we cannot leave our daughter there for longer.”

Pérez-Mangado Jiménez family

“We would like to thank you for your good work, and for making us feel at home! When you put your heart into something with energy and enthusiasm, it is bound to work out well, and make you stand out and reach excellence. Thanks to the whole team, from managment, teachers, kitchen staff...for sharing and contributing to this part of our son's life and education: he is the most valuable thing we have! You will always be part of him! We would not hesitate to recommend Happy Way to anyone who asks! Thanks!”

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