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Covid 19: the security measures, prevention and established

To guarantee the physical and emotional health of all children, at Happy Way we follow the recommendations of the health authorities and reference experts in order to incorporate, in our schools, all the security measures, prevention and established protocols

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in main entrances and classrooms and disinfectant mats for shoes at the school entrance

Mandatory mask for staff and adults accessing the center, protective screens in the management and COVID-19 detection tests for all staff

Temperature control for anyone who accesses the center. It is prohibited to enter the school with a temperature equal to or greater than 37 ºC.

Hand washing scheduled for each activity and, in all school personnel, it will be mandatory to repeat it at least every two hours.

Cleaning and disinfection carried out several times a day, as well as ventilation of all spaces and nighttime air purification with ozone technology.

Small groups, sequential exits to the courtyard, staggered access to the school (1 adult per child) and entry of a maximum of 2 families for welcome/farewell.

Signage on the ground to mark the areas where families can circulate inside each school.

Exclusive use of toys that can be disinfected. Pacifiers and bottles stored in individual bags. Cars may not be stored at school temporarily.

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Happy Way Services

Extended timetables, continuous pediatric care, nutrition panel, professional guidance, web camera system, after-school activities...

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Commitment to childhood

A fairer society is everyone’s responsibility. At Happy Way we are committed to children’s rights.

Happy Way e-classroom

Online school diary which enables parents to follow all the activities scheduled for the week.

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