Activities and Christmas: 11 suggestions to do as a family

These holidays offer us a endless opportunities so that our little ones can carry out activities that enhance creativity and development while they immerse themselves in Christmas. Today, we propose some:

  • Jingle bells, easy but very fun for the little ones: playing and exploring with the bells
  • Manufacture christmas sensory bottles: we will need a plastic bottle, glitter, glitter with stars and small Christmas decorations
  • Create Christmas decoration with their little hands or feet and place it on the tree. You can't imagine how much they like to see it there!
  • For those who are a little older, we can collect some of their old toys so we can donate them. A generous, beautiful activity that transmits the authentic spirit of Christmas
  • Create decorative mobiles printing or drawing Christmas motifs, of the Three Wise Men, Uncle, Santa Claus, stars, etc. This way they can paint them and then, with our help, cut them out to assemble the mobile.
  • Do you want sweets? Let's make some Christmas cookies and with the help of our little elves (they can help beat, add ingredients, explore the dough, etc.). This activity greatly reinforces their autonomy.
  • We can also make a reindeer mask with brown cardboard. First we make a base of a wide strip of cardboard, the length of the perimeter of the little one's head. The horns are made with the handprint and part of the children's arm (with brown tempera). Then we cut it out and glue it to the strip, with an ice cream stick behind it to hold it up. To make the face we glued two cardboard eyes and a red pompom for the nose.
  • We can also create Christmas tales with children's faces, including their favorite objects. They love!
  • And to congratulate family and friends, what better than some Christmas cards made by our children? Original, unique and unrepeatable.
  • Here is an activity that is for you now, but for your children in the future: write a letter to your little ones and keep it as a nice memory for when they are older.
  • Is your house missing christmas sparkle? We suggest you create, with your children, ornaments that are part of the decoration. Use varied materials so they can explore, play and touch different textures. If your baby is very small and cannot hold objects, we can teach him the decorative objects, take him to the tree, teach him the colored lights, etc.

When we do crafts with our children, we not only have a good time... We also:

  • We build links
  • We promote your emotional development
  • We strengthen your motor skills
  • We strengthen your imagination
  • We stimulate your concentration
  • We work on patience and calm, achieving greater relaxation
  • We encourage organization and planning, they learn the order of activities: drawing, coloring, gluing, cutting, etc. All of this helps them organize their thoughts.

Enjoy every moment with them, Christmas is so magical that it passes in a flash. Happy Holidays!

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