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The Happy Way children's educational project

At Happy Way we have created a unique and advanced education programme. The first years of life are fundamental for our children’s stimulation and development. An education which suitably motivates children at each stage is essential for their future. The Happy Way education programme is developed by our team of teachers and educational psychologists and endorsed by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government). It stimulates the multiple intelligences of each child right from the start. Through play, experimentation, music and sport, our qualified educators work to develop each child’s emotional, intellectual and psycho-motor skills, as well as teaching them positive personal habits in order to develop the perception they have of themselves, their safety, their self-esteem and their empathy. Our team consists of:

  • Qualified classroom teachers who provide the teaching through the school's education programme.
  • Native English teachers who teach lessons each day to all the school’s classes through the HAPPY ENGLISH TIME project. HAPPY ENGLISH TIME.
  • Educational psychologist who, with the help of the classroom teachers, assesses the children every week, writes a quarterly report detailing the advances they have made and offers guidance to parents who request it.

The different educational disciplines work in close collaboration so that the children fully develop their abilities in a balanced manner within an environment of creativity and freedom of expression in order to increase their independence. We work on activities that foster the habits of cooperation, collaboration and friendship in a climate of trust and respect that allows children to deepen their new knowledge. We help them to develop basic habits of hygiene and independence, to respect turn taking and be patient in order for them to understand that they form part of a community with shared values, thereby setting the basis for a good development of their social skills.

After the settling in period, we begin our education programme which consists of different teaching methodologies and hinges on:

Multiple intelligences

Intelligence is not innate or immovable. Through training we can help to improve our children’s abilities. There are different areas which make up intelligence and which can help them to achieve personal and professional success in the future. Each child has their own interests and skills and a unique way of learning. This is why an individualised analysis is important so that we are able to offer the necessary tools to optimise their performance. But we don't just offer personalised guidance, we also work on a large number of visual, auditory and tactile methods and strategies to stimulate the different areas of intelligence defined by H. Gardner in his Theory of Multiple Intelligences::

Language, Mathematics, Logic, Knowledge of the media, Psychomotricity, Music, Visual Arts, Socialising.

Every pupil has the opportunity to maximise their potential in the areas where they possess the most ability, as well as to improve in those areas in which they are not particularly skilled. In this way, every child discovers the area in which they can excel whilst gaining general basic skills that will help them to face demands both inside and outside school.

Emotional intelligence

At Happy Way, we consider that the school and family settings are bidirectional systems of interaction which provide spaces for socialising and opportunities for children’s development. A large part of our project is based on emotional education, and this is included throughout the entire year because, for the full development of each child, it is vital they express and channel their emotions correctly.

There are many people who have great academic ability but few resources with which to correctly manage their feelings, communicate effectively or interact successfully. All these abilities begin to be managed from childhood and this is why our daily activities are carried out on an emotional basis. We work with and offer the necessary tools so that each child acquires emotionally positive personal habits, keeping in mind the developmental stage they are in. In this way, the concept they have of themselves, their safety, personal self-esteem and their empathy develop positively.

Special projects

Beyond the work we do with the 8 intelligences, we have developed a series of specialist projects which enable us to assist the children to gain some types of knowledge in a more specific way. With these projects, the children can discover and learn about new experiences linked to science, nature, art, etc. in a more experience-based manner.

Happy English Time

There is no doubt about the importance of learning English from a young age. Our education programme is designed from different disciplines and emphasises the learning of English: we learn and practice in English lessons, in music workshops, in psychomotor and in artistic expression thanks to our native teachers.

Happy English Time

Happy Music

Music is a vehicle for children's comprehensive development. Families and educators use it in a natural way: from the start, we adjust our voices so they are softer and rhythmic, ultimately, more musical, and it helps us to form a healthy bond, establishing the universal language of music as a form of communication.

Happy Music

Astronomy project

An exciting journey through space where the children learn to observe the universe and to recognise the main elements that it consists of, such as the sun, clouds, moon and stars. A very special character will encourage them to carry out a wide range of activities to awaken their interest and curiosity in science.

Astronomy project

Happy Art Time

The introduction of children to the culture of art is very important for encouraging the development of their creative abilities and for stimulating their imagination.
With Happy Art Time we provide them with reference points through well-known painters that they can copy.

Happy Art Time

Mathematical Logic

The development of mathematical logical thought is essential for the development of our children's future cognitive functions. Our mathematical logic project is based on each child being able to relate freely and intuitively and for them to interact through the physical and social environment.

Mathematical Logic


The importance of movement in the developmental progress of a child during the first few years of life is essential. Children begin to discover the world around them for themselves through movement. Our activities related to psychomotricity are carefully designed for the different developmental movements.


Nature project

At Happy Way we are committed to a global education which also studies aspects linked to nature. Through the Nature Project we encourage respect, responsibility, effort and appreciation of animals and plants, indispensable values so that little ones develop healthily and fully.

Nature project

Settling in period

The first days can be quite intense. It is essential for us to work hand in hand with families in what will be the starting point of a new and agreed joint project in an atmosphere of trust and with the involvement of all parties and in which the children can settle in successfully. We establish communication as the primary tool for knowledge exchange, something that helps both the school and the family to establish the guidelines for the child to successfully complete the settling in period, as well as for understanding the needs and specific characteristics of each child.

At Happy Way we are very aware that, during the sensitive settling in period, all parties should be equally involved, children, family, teachers and other adults at the school, since, particularly for the youngest children, it means leaving the family environment for the first time and getting to know new spaces and new adults that will become new points of reference and security.

How we manage this initial period at our school:

  • At the centre, we take great care of every activity carried out during first few days of schooling. This is why we base ourselves on a timetable that enables the child to feel comfortable in what will eventually become a normal setting for them, gradually getting to know the different spaces within the school and carrying out activities that enable them to create the link between their normal teacher and their peers.

  • We advise families that during this settling in process, where the children are leaving their family environment for the first time, they should avoid making any other changes, for example taking away their dummy or toilet training. This way, we offer the child security and the time they need to adapt positively to the changes they are experiencing.

  • The best way of starting a day is when we enjoy waking up well and having a good breakfast as a family. This is why we recommend that, at least for the first few days, you forget about rushing and get ready for going to school calmly and on time. In this way, the children arrive at the centre in a state of calmness, happy and already having had some time as a family.

  • We understand that each child and family will have a different rhythm for adaptation, which is why, during this entire process, we have our educational psychologist on hand to help and accompany the families and respond to all their questions.
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