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At Happy Way we consider it very important to introduce children to the world of art for the development of their creative skills and to stimulate their imagination. The objective of Happy Art Time is to offer them points of reference using real well-known real painters who they can investigate and imitate, immersing themselves in the magical and stimulating world of the fine arts. There are many well-known artists and magnificent works, and at Happy Way we will focus on:

Joan Miró

If there is one artist whole pictorial universe has a significant connection with the world of childhood, this is Joan Miró. He is one of the most important representatives of Surrealism, which explored the world of the imagination and dreams, and is a perfect match for the psychological features of children in infant education. His use of colour and abstract forms means that he captures the attention of even the youngest children. His use of simple forms and predominantly primary colours means that his paintings come close to the child's view of the world. His work was inspired by imagination, the irrational and childhood.

Antoni Gaudí

This exceptional architect was one of the most important figures in the Modernist movement, and through him the children will discover how nature can inspire the most beautiful artistic creation. Colourful organic forms that are full of life will take them into the worlds of mosaic, tinted glass and geometry, stimulating their imaginations and showing them the architecture of some of the most incredible buildings in the city of Barcelona.

Claude Monet

The brushstrokes and colours of Monet, one of the greatest exponents of Impressionism, are the starting point for the youngest children to develop their creativity by working with different landscapes. The explosion of colours and lights in the works of this artist are a delight for the senses of the youngest children while encouraging them to work with objects from nature such as water, the sun, flowers, etc.

Wassily Kandinsky

Este artista nos acompaña durante semanas descubriéndonos un increíble mundo rico en colores, formes geométricas y composiciones, un lenguaje que, a los más pequeños les resulta cercano y estimulante. De la mano de este singular artista, realizaremos collages, elaboraremos cuadros, trabajaremos las formes geométricas simples como la redonda y la línea, haremos murales, etc.

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