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The educational project: Happy English Time

The Happy English Time project is intended to make learning English a stimulating, fun activity that boosts children's potential, and our English speaking teachers will prepare a solid base for this learning process. Children learn best from their own experiences, so Happy English Time will revolve around activities that make use of  their imagination and motor skills for language acquisition and develop their basic skills for relating to themselves, their classmates and their environment. Happy English Time is attuned to infant development and their introduction to social life, and is based on three areas: School and Friends, You & Me, Nature and animals.

Starting from simple concepts such as colours and shapes, we will move on to numbers, days of the week, the alphabet and then expand their vocabulary through songs and fun activities that children love to take part in. It is fundamental for children's education that they are allowed to explore and experiment for themselves so we must create organized structures where they can feel safe as they do so. This is why we will work in English for 30 minutes every morning, with another 45 minutes in the afternoon where music, art, autonomy, values and habits are all combined. We work to stimulate the children and provide them with the tools that they will use and will need in their future lives, Happy English Time is a tool that will never be out of date.

Sello de Excelencia de Erasmus In School

El centro contribuye a la formación de los profesores de prácticas a través de la figura del tutor y cuenta con personal docente extranjero nativo o con nivel nativo. El centro tiene reconocida su excelencia docente en la enseñanza del inglés como idioma extranjero, haciendo hincapié en la capacidad comunicativa y comprensión auditiva.

Erasmus In School Seal of Excellence · Educational Excellence Awards · Mob App Awards Milano · Business and Professional Women Creativity Award

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A fairer society is everyone’s responsibility. At Happy Way we are committed to children’s rights.

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