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At Happy Way, we consider music to be one of the best ways for children to develop their full potential, and it is widely used by both families and educators as a natural way to attract the attention of very young children. From the very first moment, we adjust our voices to make them gentler, more rhythmic and simply more musical in general, as a means of strengthening a healthy link, establishing the universal language of music as a form of communication. But why is music so important for children?:

  • It reinforces learning by increasing their capacity to retain information and focus their attention and concentration. Learning a range of songs will strengthen their memories.
  • It sharpens their hearing, the sense that is least developed at birth.
  • It helps children to distinguish different times and routines, with songs for lunchtime, for sleeping, etc.
  • Children who are in contact with music learn to get along better with other children, creating more harmonious communications.
  • It allows children the chance to interact with each other and with adults through dancing and gestures suggested by the music.
  • Music helps them to learn the alphabet, stimulating them with rhyming syllables and rhythms.
  • They have fun by using their senses, balancing, and exercising different muscles.
  • It offers them emotional security and confidence because they can be understood when sharing these songs and feel immersed in a climate of support, collaboration and mutual respect.
  • It improves their ability to solve mathematical problems and complex reasoning.
  • It offers general stimulation for their intellectual development, and improves their hearing, senses, speaking and motor control.

We use listening to music in the classroom as a way of encouraging the harmonious establishment of routines, personal habits and autonomy, and there is background music playing during most of our daily activities to create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. There are music classes in our curriculum where children will learn about different instruments, make instruments from everyday objects and learn about the rhythms, structures and melodies of songs.

In P2 we work with a music project in the classrooms, learning about different ways of playing music in order to develop, among other skills, children's awareness of expression, perception and their motor control of their own bodies, discovery and use of verbal, musical, artistic and body language, the recognition, retention and memorization of songs through active participation, following the rhythm and using gestures.

These different musical activities will take place in the classrooms and the patio in 40-minute sessions. These activities will enable children to distinguish different musical instruments. Music is an invitation for them to use their imagination and to play with movement and colours. Our teachers will encourage them to play some instruments, because while our priority for their musical education is for them to listen to music, active participation is also essential. Our learning project ends with a visit to “L'Auditori de Barcelona” to experience a live music concert with music from a range of periods in a variety of styles, traditional songs, pieces by different composers and works created specifically for this concert.

The active participation of parents in their children's education forms part of our philosophy, and for this reason we will give all parents of children in our centres a copy of a CD with the songs we will be using in the school.

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