Children's Summer Camp in Happy Way

At Happy Way we organize our Happy Summer Camp every year, an open summer children's camp specialized in girls and boys from 4 months to 6 years (both for students at the center and for those who are not). Our campus seeks to create fun and unique experiences for children while we work on different aspects of their global development. This year, our Summer Camp revolves around the 5 senses and emotions, which is why the different scheduled activities will focus on stimulating and enhancing these aspects:

  • Sensory experimental activities: with different typical foods of the time, with paint, with states of water such as liquid and gas, with different types of paper, materials such as feathers, balls and sand, among others. Visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory and auditory stimulation.

  • Emotional activities to know and express feelings and emotions: through stories, theaters, activities, lap games, water games, massages, music and dances. Activities related to the garden and farm of our schools. Extracurricular outings for students from P2 to the Science Museum and the Barcelona Zoo, as well as weekly swimming courses with specialized instructors.

Why choose Happy Summer Camp?

Exceptional facilities and qualified professionals

Our schools, awarded for their facilities, have large spaces, natural light, material for each evolutionary moment and incredible patios for outdoor activities. Our team of qualified educators, with experience and vocation, is specialized in early childhood.

Unique activities designed for your age

English with native teachers, weekly water parties, experimentation workshops, themed gymkhana, excursions, storytelling, games with the senses and emotions and much more!

Flexible hiring

Flexible hiring of places that adapts to the needs of each family. We offer the possibility of purchasing places by weeks or days.

5 Educational Excellence Awards

What our schools, project and team endorse: Best early childhood education center - Best facilities - Innovation award - Best preschool with English - Best educational project with English.

Happy Summer Camp tailored to you

For whom

Our campus is specially designed for early childhood with specific activities for those ages, with girls and boys from 4 months to 6 years old being able to attend.


Our Happy Summer Camp opens its doors from June 26 to September 1 (both included). The hours, which are chosen by each family, can be from 7 a.m. to 19 p.m. in June and July and from 8 a.m. to 18 p.m. in August and September.


The Happy Summer Camp contract is flexible and adapts to each family and can be contracted for days or weeks.


You can choose which of our 6 schools best suits your needs: Sant Gervasi, Turó Park, Les Corts, Poblenou, ZAL Port or Sant Cugat del Vallès. Discover yours here.

Pedagogical objectives of the Summer Camp

  • The knowledge and recognition of different emotions.

  • Enjoy the activities by establishing interpersonal relationships with other children.

  • Experiential learning of the English language, integrating it into part of our activities with native teachers.

  • Stimulate fine and gross motor skills, while promoting body control such as balance, perception and coordination.

  • Experiment through the senses with various materials and typical summer foods: fruit, vegetables, aromatic herbs, and of course... Ice creams!

  • Stimulation and development of artistic, plastic and musical expression.

  • Develop the senses through different activities such as tasting, smelling, touching and manipulating, listening and visualizing elements, objects, materials, auditions, etc.

  • Have fun and make summer a magical, sensitive and emotional experience.

  • Introduction to sport.

  • Experience sensations in the aquatic environment with our Water Parties.

  • Promote contact with the environment and encourage new experiences through outdoor activities, garden and farm at school, swimming and excursions.

Do not wait more! Reserve your place now

At Happy Way we work to offer education, support, facilities and services that seek excellence. To offer this quality, we maintain a limited number of places. Happy Summer Camp applications take into account different aspects, including the order in which requests are received. Never run out of space, contact us

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