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At Happy Way we have prepared a unique special project of after-school activities centred on music, creativity and stories, with the aim of stimulating the skills of children from P3 to P5 and to reinforce their English learning. They will use English naturally through activities with music, creativity and theatre at the same time as they develop many other skills. The activities are run by our school's team of native English speaking teachers.

The programme of after-school activities is based on 2 lines: “Happy English lessons for big kids” and “Drama, Art & Motor skills”.

Happy English Lessons for big kids

A programme of activities divided into three blocks that boost English acquisition through music, rhythm and stories.

  • Happy Rhythm: We use a series of songs in English with dances and movements to achieve better communication between the left and right sides of the brain and to boost mind/body coordination. Children will use mats, balls, coloured bags, songs and books, among many other materials.

  • Happy Learning: A series of activities to stimulate children's imaginations. We use our Storysacks, which contain all the material to tell and represent stories, encouraging pre-reading activities. There are puppets, pictures, cards, etc., to bring the stories to life, making the learning of colours, numbers and shapes more vivid. It is a different, creative and lively way of telling stories.

  • Happy Constructing: We use activities such as Happy Rhythm and Happy Learning to teach the basic phonetics of English. This is vital if the children are to speak English with correct, natural sounding pronunciation.

Drama, Art & Motor Skills

Years of experience have shown that the combination of theatre, art and psycho-motor activities will enable children to gain confidence, reinforce their self-esteem and lose their embarrassment when starting to speak English. We take the different interests of the children as our cue to work with different pieces of children's theatre. They take part in the creation of a script in English, creating characters and finally learning to act them out. Drama, Art & Motor Skills is based on two fundamental aspects:

  • Art & Craft: Artistic creation from work with different materials, experimenting with colours, shapes, designs and textures. We use activities such as free painting, drawing and cutting out to encourage the children to develop their skills and learn to express themselves, to appreciate beauty while they play and have fun.

  • Show & Tell: We encourage the children to talk in groups, to develop their social skills and reinforce their self-esteem with their classmates and develop a sense of confidence and happiness.

If you want your children to learn and prepare for the future while playing and having fun, sign them up for Happy Extraescolares, which offers a wide range of timetables and combinations to adapt to your requirements:

Happy English lessons for big kids
Option A: Monday and Wednesday from 17.30 to 18.30 h.
Option B: Monday and Wednesday from 18.30 to 19.30 h.

Drama, Art & Motor Skills

Option A: Tuesday and Thursday from 17.30 to 18.30 h.
Option B: Tuesday and Thursday from 18.30 to 19.30 h.
Both courses can be combined. You can alternate days of “Happy English lessons for big kids” with days of “Drama, Art & Motor Skills” in the same month.

Happy English lessons for big kids
9.30 a 10.30 h.: Happy English lessons for big kids
10.30 to 11 h.: Breakfast
11 a 12 h.: Happy English lessons for big kids
12 a 12.30 h.: Breakfast
12.30 a 13.30 h.: Happy English lessons for big kids

Drama, Art & Motor Skills
9.30 a 10.30 h.: Drama, Art & Motor Skills
10.30 to 11 h.: Breakfast
11 a 12 h.: Drama, Art & Motor Skills
12 a 12.30 h.: Breakfast
12.30 a 13.30 h.: Drama, Art & Motor Skills

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