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Happy Summer Camp

July and August tend to be a real problem for many families. At Happy Way we organize our Happy Summer Camp every year where children from 4 months to 6 years old have fun and learn English with our native teachers. A flexible service that adapts to different needs.

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Long Hours

The reconciliation between work and family life is one of the big problems that parents must deal with and often educational centers are not sensitive enough about it. At Happy Way we open all year round from 7 a.m. to 21 p.m. to facilitate this conciliation and we never close for holidays. Happy Way only closes its centers on holidays of the year such as December 25 and mandatory free choice days.

Pediatric Care

Dr. Valls and her specialized team at the Hospital de Nens in Barcelona provide us with the necessary care and advice in any situation that requires it. We have an exclusive pediatric telemedicine service that allows emergency medical evaluations to be carried out through videoconference, a system that records the child's vital signs electronically.

webcam system

We have an advanced camera system that allows parents to follow their child at any time of the day and from anywhere. Whenever they wish, parents can have access to see their little one, the best guarantee of a completely transparent and safe center.

Nutrition Cabinet

Food plays an important role in the development of the little ones. At Happy Way we have a team of nutritionists from the Nens hospital in Barcelona who design the healthiest and most balanced menus taking into account ages and food intolerances and give parents attention to advise and resolve doubts related to food at school and at home.

Happy Swimming Time

We promote the practice of swimming, one of the most complete and healthy sports for children. They have fun while playing sports and enjoying themselves with their peers in a warm and relaxing environment, with warm water, which helps them sleep at night.

At Happy Way we promote the practice of swimming, one of the most complete and healthy sports that exists for children.

Psychopedagogical Guidance

We have an expert psychologist who advises and accompanies each student throughout their life at the center. Every quarter, the tutor gives the families an exhaustive report. With them and meetings with the psychologist, parents can monitor their children and resolve complex situations that may arise.

At Happy Way we offer psycho-pedagogical care service aimed at families and children. With this service we want to give our families personalized attention on all those issues that may affect the development of children and, from a focused perspective, seek the most appropriate guidelines for each case by directly monitoring them throughout the school year.

From the psycho-pedagogical care service, we start from the idea that each child is a unique being and that as such it is necessary to value them based on themselves, offering them personalized guidelines, appropriate to their personal reality. Likewise, we think it is necessary to offer extensive information and the possibility of monitoring the evolution of the different cases.

Parents are the greatest references for their children and that is why we want to be able to offer them the tools that are necessary to resolve possible doubts that may arise throughout the process of educating their children. From the Happy Way school we will offer all the resources in our hands to be able to accompany parents in this very important first stage.

Workshops for families

Throughout the year we organize several workshops for parents. On the one hand, sessions prepared by the psychologist and pediatrician with topics of interest and on the other we do experimentation workshops so that parents and children share new experiences while playing.

E-classroom Happy Way

Online school diary that allows parents to follow all the scheduled activities of the week, access the comments that the classroom tutor leaves each day about the day, see photos of the activities and download pedagogical content to be able to work at home with children.

Happy Birthday Parties

A child's anniversary is a unique and special occasion. At Happy Way we turn birthday parties into an unforgettable day for the whole family: incredible facilities, inflatables, entertainers, sweet tables... A day to remember.

Takeaway dinners

From Monday to Friday, order the take-home dinner menu: Cooked at school, tasty, safe and healthy | Designed according to midday meals to ensure a balanced daily menu | With the familiar flavors and textures of school | Forget about planning, shopping and cooking.

Order it with our app for families.

Professional Kangaroo

Reconciling is quite a challenge and sometimes we don't achieve everything. At Happy Way, we offer you a professional babysitting service to help you in those situations in which you cannot combine work or social commitments with parenting. A service that can be punctual for hours or recurring and that provides the best care for your children with trained and trustworthy babysitters. Ask your school principal for more information.

Club Happy Way

To thank parents for the trust they place in us, we have created the Happy Way card. With it, the whole family enjoys exclusive discounts in children's clothing stores, maternity clothing, beauty salons, gyms, jewelry stores, hairdressers, etc.

Laundry Service

Continuing with our goal of making life as parents a little easier, we also take care of always keeping your child's sheets, blankets and bibs clean and fresh.

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