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Extended Timetables

One of the main problems facing parents is that of striking a balance between our jobs and family life, and schools can often be accused of acting insensitively in this issue. At Happy Way we open from 7 h to 21 h all year round to help make this balance easier, and we do not close for holidays. Happy Way only closes its doors on public holidays such as the 25th December.

Paediatric Care

Dra. Valls and her specialist team from the Hospital de Nens de Barcelona provide us with the care and recommendations necessary for any situation that may arise. We have an exclusive telemedicine paediatric service that allows us to make emergency consultations by videoconference, and a system that remotely registers the vital signs of the affected child.

Nutrition Panel

Food plays an important role in children's development, and at Happy Way we have a team of nutrition experts who design healthy balanced menus for each age, taking food allergies into account and offering advice to parents in relation with any queries they may have about food both at school and at home.

Professional Guidance

We have an expert psychologist on hand to evaluate and accompany each child during their time in the centre. Every quarter, the psychologist and tutor prepare a complete report for the families. Parents can monitor the progress of their children with these reports and arrange meetings with the psychologist to resolve any complex situations that may arise.

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Web camera system

We have an advanced camera system that can let parents observe their children at any time from anywhere. Parents have access to visit their child whenever they want to, which is the clearest guarantee of complete transparency and security.

Happy Way e-classroom

This is a school online publication that enables parents to follow all the activities programmed for the week, access the comments written by the class tutor every day about what happens and to download educational material that they can use with their children at home.

Access to the E-aula

After-School Activities

At Happy Way we have prepared a unique special project of after school activities centred on music, creativity and stories with the aim of stimulating the skills of children from P3 to P5 and to reinforce their English learning.

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Happy Summer Camp

July and August are usually a complicated period for many families. At Happy Way we organize our Happy Summer Camp every year where children aged 0 to 6 have fun and learn English with our native teachers. It is a flexible service which can adapt to different requirements.

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Happy Swimming Time

We encourage children to take up swimming, one of the healthiest and best all-round sports, especially for infants. They have fun while practicing a sport and playing with classmates in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere, and the contact with warm water will help them to sleep soundly at night.

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Club Happy Way

We have created the Happy Way card to thank parents for putting their trust in us. It offers exclusive discounts for the whole family, for buying children's clothes, maternity wear, beauty salons, gyms, jewellers, hairdressers, etc.

Happy Birthday Parties

A child's birthday is a unique and special event. At Happy Way we make birthday parties an unforgettable day for all the family: ideal facilities, inflatables, entertainers, party food... A day to remember.

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Parents Classes

We organize a number of workshops for parents throughout the year. On one hand there are sessions prepared by the psychologist and paediatrician on subjects of interest, and then there are workshops in which parents and children play together.

Laundry Service

In line with our desire to make parents' lives a little easier, we will also make sure that your children's sheets, blankets and bibs are always clean and fresh.

Professional Baby Sitter

If your child is ill and you cannot come to collect him or her, the school has a professional babysitting service that can take care of him or her, to prevent the situation becoming a headache for the family.


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Happy Way Services

Extended timetables, continuous pediatric care, nutrition panel, professional guidance, web camera system, after-school activities...

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Commitment to childhood

A fairer society is everyone’s responsibility. At Happy Way we are committed to children’s rights.

Happy Way e-classroom

Online school diary which enables parents to follow all the activities scheduled for the week.

Access to the E-aula
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