Happy Way Turó Park Nursery School

At Happy Way Nursery Schools we have spacious, bright, cozy classrooms with large patios. All our facilities have been designed to guarantee a comfortable and safe environment in which children can move freely and calmly, exceeding all safety regulations.

  • Safety doors that prevent children's hands from being injured

  • Sockets placed at a height of 170 cm

  • Furniture with rounded tips

  • Large windows that provide natural light to the entire school

  • Blinds that completely isolate daylight for little ones' naps

  • Air and water purification systems

  • Large patios with rubber-covered floors or high-quality artificial grass

  • Own kitchens

  • Comfortable beds with blankets and sheets for a nap

Veronica Arias

Happy Way Turó Park

C/ Bori i Fontestà, 23 (entrance on Pl, Wagner)
08021 Barcelona

Phone 93 209 99 91 - 601 140 038


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