Happy Way Nursery Schools: "Best Preschool Education Centre" Award

Happy Way values

We have three pillars, namely, education, being a support to families and safety. Throughout the years, we have created an atmosphere of authentic trust between parents and our professional team by prioritizing the safety, development and happiness of our children and being of support to families.


Aware of the responsibility that parents entrust to us, not only have we got great professionals in our team, we also created an atmosphere of transparency and maximum safety: privileged installations with the most advanced security systems, webcams which allow parents to follow their child’s daily routine “live”, constant pediatric attention, and a digital finger-print access to the school which allows parents to visit their children or talk with the class teacher, the English teacher, the educational psychologist and the school director, any time they wish.

Global development

Academic stimulation from an early age is vital to guarantee a child’s development; this is why we bring together different disciplines in an ambitious and advanced educational project that is supported by the Departament d’Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya. This academic education will prepare our children to face an ever more competitive future and to fulfill their early childhood education with above-average knowledge.

Education Programme


With the will to give parents a real support, we have developed a wide variety of services to guarantee that Happy Way adapts to the lives and needs of parents and not the other way round. Our nursery has no holidays and is open the whole year round from 07:00 to 21:00 and counts with permanent pediatric attention, a nutrition office, psychological orientation, professional babysitting, e-aula (an on-line diary that allows parents to know about the activities that take place each day, to download pedagogical contents to work at home, to see photos of very day, daily and weekend afterschool activities etc.

Erasmus In School Seal of Excellence · Educational Excellence Awards · Mob App Awards Milano · Business and Professional Women Creativity Award

Happy Way Services

Extended timetables, continuous pediatric care, nutrition panel, professional guidance, web camera system, after-school activities...

Todos los servicios

Commitment to childhood

A fairer society is everyone’s responsibility. At Happy Way we are committed to children’s rights.

Happy Way e-classroom

Online school diary which enables parents to follow all the activities scheduled for the week.

Access to the E-aula
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