Inseparable: objects of attachment in childhood

Summer ends and school begins... Many of you will have arrived from vacation and the little ones have been sharing entire days with mom and dad for many weeks. The first day at school arrives and some children will come to class happy, others will be a little more sensitive and others may have a tantrum. Everything is part of a natural process and there is no exact time for the familiarization period, it will depend on each person's pace and it is essential to show understanding, patience and calm.
In this stage, the attachment or transitional object can be very important for some children. Generally, this object refers them to contact with their parents and is usually soft and soft, something that makes them feel protected and provides them with resources to control the anxiety caused by separation.
It may happen that our little one's object of attachment is neither the prettiest nor the cleanest, it may even have a peculiar smell... Nothing happens, the important thing is that it provides security and that, in moments of anguish or separation, it keep him company and sustain him. This object helps you regulate your emotions, that is why it accompanies you everywhere and if you keep it at any time it should be in a place within your reach and sight.

How long will the object of attachment last?

Children They usually acquire them during the first months and as they learn to manage their emotions and autonomy, their dependency decreases until they stop completely, something that usually happens around three years of age, but each child has their own rhythm so there is no exact time.
And remember: not all children acquire an object of attachment, but they will still find alternative resources that provide them with security, it is a natural process during the childhood stage.

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