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Mathematical Logic Project

The development of mathematical logical thought is essential for the development of future cognitive functions. Our mathematical logic project is based on each child being able to relate freely and intuitively, and for them to interact through the physical and social environment. These interactions are based on observation, manipulation and experimentation, with the aim of the children making use of their own feelings and perceptions to construct their own knowledge and interpretation of reality.

The objective of the project sequence is for children to discover their own bodies at an early age, the first steps at level P0 will allow children to develop and organise their thoughts and discover their nearest surroundings and some everyday objects. In P1, they will explore materials and objects to discover their characteristics and properties such as colour, size and texture, among others. In P2, they will experiment with shapes, weight, consistency and they will make their first classifications by properties through experiential activities which enable them to make discoveries through their own experiences. All this actively integrated knowledge is the basis for the development of the child's logical thought.

Some activities we carry out to encourage the construction of thought include:

  • BASKET OF TREASURES (P0) Through this activity, the children freely explore different everyday objects. This enables them to discover, through experience, the qualities of their environment, increase their ability to concentrate, stimulate their hand-eye coordination and structure thought, among other things.

  • HEURISTIC PLAY (P1) The term “heuristic” comes from the Greek, meaning “discover”. This activity is designed as a continuation of the basket of treasures for children aged between 12 and 24 months, which is the time when children have already started to move around. The main objectives we want to achieve with the children are for them to acquire notions of volume, colour, differentiate between categories of objects, and establishing the basis of mathematical-logical thought.

  • SYMBOLIC PLAY (P2) Through symbolic play children play freely and spontaneously, using roleplay. At this developmental stage, children begin integrating the mental representations which enable them to make their own interpretations of the world around them.
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