Music: the great ally in the baby's development

Before being born, the baby already listens to us. Enrique García (emotional psychologist at UNED) explains how, in the first 3 months, babies have not yet developed the neurological maturation to acquire emotions, but they do have sensations that allow them to feel well-being, pleasure, satiety, alarm... It is that's why It is recommended, already in pregnancy, to play music and sing to them. These stimuli will remain in your memory, creating bonds of security and care.

Music is one of the best tools to stimulate the development of babies, both in language and in the cognitive area. It is one of the elements that should be part of our baby's life. It is proven that, when listening to music, children activate many areas of the brain, also consolidating spatial areas and reinforcing visual memory.
In a study carried out by the University of Münster, in Germany, it was discovered that singing to our children from a very young age stimulates brain processes, activating both cerebral hemispheres and stimulating their neuroplasticity. They concluded that Music is a great tool for managing emotions, reinforcing relaxation and, by singing, the production of oxytocin (happiness hormone) is stimulated, which reduces levels of tension, anxiety and promotes a feeling of tranquility and pleasure..

How to do musical stimulation from home?

  • Using the musical toys that we have at home, thus stimulating the creativity and imagination of our children
  • We must give them the opportunity to learn about and explore musical instruments, let them improvise and reproduce the sounds they want. This is how they know their inner world and what surrounds them: there will be instruments that make sounds with their mouths, others with their hands, etc., thus using different parts of their body.
  • For the little ones, we will choose a few pieces of music and repeat them frequently. As the months go by, we will expand the repertoire of songs
  • If we accompany the music with movements, facial expressions, games, we will better capture their attention, thus encouraging contact, imitation and even the recognition of emotions. Nothing better than learning by playing!
  • That the time we dedicate to them and to music is quality: we accompany our babies, we listen to them musically, looking at them, exchanging smiles and stimulating the emotional and affective part. This is how we will experience the power of musical stimulation

Why in Happy Way nursery schools do we have the Happy Music project?:

  • Strengthens your hearing ability and interest in expressing yourself
  • Promotes the development of thought and language
  • Strengthens memory and concentration, they are attentive and remember the melodies
  • A great bond is created, strengthening the social and emotional part
  • Encourages oral expression: they begin imitating musical sounds and increase their interest in vocalizing and wanting to communicate
  • The best thing about music is that it is a space in which our children can release energy and manage emotions
  • Music can help you relax, a great accomplice at times like going to sleep.

And before we say goodbye for today, we leave you some tips for building instruments at home (especially for kids ages 2 and up) to spend some time creating bonds, stimulating the imagination and spending quality time with our little ones:

  • Flutes with straws: We will need straws, tape and scissors. We cut the straws into pieces of different lengths. Then we pack them in tape and we have our incredible flute.
  • Tambourines with plates: we put two single-use plates together and glue them together, make holes around the plate and place plates or bells on them. We end up decorating them with stickers or whatever we like the most.
  • Xylophone with colored water glasses: we place approximately 5 or 6 glass glasses. We add food coloring of different colors and, with two spoons, we start playing. You will see what a great melody it will sound!
  • A classic: kitchenware. It's incredible how happy the little ones get when we let them hit it with a wooden spoon. It may be a little noisy for us, but they explore and have a lot of fun 🙂

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