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Nature project

All our centres have large open spaces with trees that provide us with the perfect setting for our open air activities. Each school also has a farm and vegetable patch where we encourage the younger children to explore and develop the values of respect, responsibility, dedication and love for animals and plants. We will introduce the pupils of P2 to Nin and Nina, our rabbits, to offer them new experiences and to teach them about the characteristics of these animals, where they live, what they eat, and to discover the differences between them and us. To feed them, they will learn to work in the garden, associating concepts by planting carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables that they have to look after and water so that they grow and they can then be used to feed their little friends. The Nature Project provides children with an experience that leads them to ask lots of questions, and which awakens their curiosity, which is a spur to their learning, about aspects related with nature while they are also engaging with nature in a healthy, genuine way.

Our project work is based on a constructive approach to learning in which the teachers' intervention is intended to encourage children's meaningful learning through intention and reflection. We handle all type of materials (earth, water, straw, etc.), and encourage the children's creative participation and collaboration as a way of enriching their learning. To bring this project to a conclusion, we will arrange a class outing to visit the local farm school.

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