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At Happy Way we have spacious, bright, welcoming schools with large patios, located in privileged settings: the Happy Way Les Corts, Happy Way Poble Nou, Happy Way Turó Park, Happy Way Sant Gervasi and Happy Way in ZAL Port centers in the city of Barcelona and the Happy Way Sant Cugat school, located in the historical and cultural center of the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès. All our facilities have been designed to guarantee a comfortable and safe environment in which children can move freely, exceeding all safety regulations:

  • Safety doors that prevent little ones from hurting their hands
  • Plugs placed at a height of 170 cm
  • Furniture with rounded edges
  • Large windows that provide natural light throughout the school
  • Blinds that completely isolate daylight for the little ones to have their naps
  • Air and water purification systems
  • Large playgrounds with rubber o high quality artificial grass covered floors
  • In-school kitchens
  • Comfortable beds with blankets and sheets for the nap time
Sant Gervasi
Sant Cugat
Turó Park
Les Corts
In ZAL Port

Happy Way Sant Gervasi

María Martínez
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C/ Cister, 8
08022 Barcelona
Tel. 93 211 38 00 - 646 960 270


Happy Way Sant Cugat

Sandra Quintanilla
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C/ Sant Esteve, 7
08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès
Tel. 93 676 40 78 - 616 842 765


Happy Way Turó Park

Verónica Arias
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C/ Bori i Fontestà, 23 (entrada por Pl, Wagner)
08021 Barcelona
Tel. 93 209 99 91 - 601 140 038


Happy Way Poblenou

Laura Hernández
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C/ Venero, 5
08005 Barcelona
Tel. 625 364 058 - 605 636 230


Happy Way Les Corts

Laura Hernández
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C/ Numància, 135
08029 Barcelona
Tel. 93 222 77 44 - 673 782 082


Happy Way En ZAL Port

Natalia Borovkova
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Av. Ports d'Europa, 90
08040 Barcelona
Tel. 655 105 565


Erasmus In School Seal of Excellence · Educational Excellence Awards · Mob App Awards Milano · Business and Professional Women Creativity Award

Happy Way Services

Extended timetables, continuous pediatric care, nutrition panel, professional guidance, web camera system, after-school activities...

Todos los servicios

Commitment to childhood

A fairer society is everyone’s responsibility. At Happy Way we are committed to children’s rights.

Happy Way e-classroom

Online school diary which enables parents to follow all the activities scheduled for the week.

Access to the E-aula
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