Preparing for the future

Offering children an education that motivates them in their first years of life is a decisive factor in their future. At Happy Way, our team of educators and educational psychologists have developed a unique and advanced educational project that has been approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the aim of stimulating multiple intelligences from the first moment. Our qualified educators use games, exploration, music and sport to exercise the emotional, intellectual and psychomotor capacity of each child. The project is completed with the teaching of positive personal habits to foster the children's perception of themselves, their confidence, self-esteem and empathy. This enables them complete the first cycle of Primary Education with skills and knowledge that are above average. The school has higher safety standards than those required and is decorated with care and good taste. If you are in the difficult process of choosing a school for your child, we offer you a list of 5 aspects where we stand out to help you make the right decision.

Las 5 claves Happy Way

Si estáis en el difícil proceso de selección de una escuela infantil para vuestro hijo os presentamos una lista con 5 de los aspectos que nos diferencian y que pueden ayudaros en el proceso de toma de decisiones:

Proyecto educativo

En Happy Way hemos creado un proyecto educativo único y avanzado avalado por la Generalitat de Catalunya, que estimula las inteligencias múltiples de cada niño desde el primer momento

Nuestras familias opinan

Son muchas las familias que a lo largo de estos años han confiado en Happy Way y han compartido los primeros años de sus hijos con nosotros. Aquí podréis encontrar algunas de sus opiniones.