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Educational project: Psychomotricity

During the first few years of a child’s life, the importance of movement is essential for developmental progress. On their own, they start to discover the world around them through movement. Our psychomotricity activities are carefully designed for each of level:

  • In P0 We focus on activities which allow the children to discover parts of their body such as arms and legs. The spacial notion that children begin to experiment with enables them to make their first movements. For this reason, the environment is meticulously taken care of to make it attractive to them and to encourage curiosity and initiative in movement.

  • En P1 Children begin to start walking. Through our gross motor skills activities, we offer them the security they need to continue to perfect their movements, not forgetting exercises that stimulate strength and balance. The psychomotricity circuits are created so that the children can experience the possibilities that their body offers them in everything related to movement, so they feel more curiosity and feel the desire to move.

  • En P2 When walking is fully established, our psychomotricity project focusses on the circuits we have created in the psychomotricity room. They are designed so that the children discover new motor and spacial learning, getting to know their bodies better. Stimulating the directionality of walking, improving balance, jumping, coordination, posture, etc. through circuits and free exploration.
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